How to Babyproof Your Home

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How to Babyproof Your Home

·         Use safety plugs in unused electrical outlets.

·         Repair damaged electrical cords. Run cords behind heavy furniture.

·         Use wind-up cord shorteners for the phone cords and bind window blind cords up high out of baby’s reach.

·         Invest in good, sturdy doorway gates.

·         Install latches on all drawers, cupboards, closets and cabinets.

·         Bolt all top-heavy freestanding furniture to the wall or floor or remove it until your child is old enough to know better.

·         Buffer sharp furniture corners and edges.

·         Store knick-knacks away for awhile or display on high shelves.

·         Use knob covers for the stove, oven latches and a refrigerator latch.

·         Dispose of plastic sacks and produce wrap immediately.

·         Keep important phone numbers tacked to the refrigerator -- poison control center, fire department, police, doctor, dentist.

·         Store all medicines high above the floor in a latched cabinet. Ditto household cleaners.

·         Use nonskid tub mats or appliques to prevent slipping.

·         Use tub faucet covers.